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Experiential Slinky Races taking over Spar Tradeshows

April has been quite a busy month at our Stellenbosch office, with four Spar Trade shows taking place in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth. We were commissioned by our client to develop an experiential element to use on their stands at the upcoming Spar Trade Shows, that would bring an element fun and playfulness to the experience. We were immediately inspired by their "swirl"-like artwork, reminding us of old school slinkies entertaining kids for hours down flights of stairs. And so an idea was born… We had beautifully colourful staircases manufactured, where retailers who visited the stand could take part in a 2-person slinky race. The person whose slinky reaches the bottom first, stood the chance to win one of many fantastic prizes up for grabs, including a Wireless JBL speaker, original Swatch watches, sunglasses, and more! Keep an eye out for photos and videos, coming soon!

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